i’m late i’m late for a very important date

June 9, 2009

prada-luggage-from-australia-movie-292x182went to my buddhist meet last night, even though i didn’t feel like it. 

i chanted and left and did not stay for the planning, i said i felt uncomfortable and bid goodbye.

when i got home i looked over my second verse on my song, then watched the video of spiritulized.

“when i look into your eyes i have become spiritulized”

deep dreams and woke and shut my eyes for a bit longer and woke up late.

dashed to the station and wondered how can there be so many people at 7.30 A.M.!!

merde and a women stuck in the turnstile with her luggage.

i watched as my train pulled away just as i made it down the stairs to the womens SORRY!!

but here’s the twist!!!

i kept reminding myself i’m powerless, nothing to be done and for me had a relaxed journey even though i knew i would be late!!!

not for me today any anxious vibes.

and as predicted had a great day, very sunny!!! (inside)

tabitha(Hi FLowER) is going to make me a piece of jewelry, bracelet, silk, maybe orange.

i am pressing her for info and i KNOW i’ll love it.

life is all about TiMIng!



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