June 7, 2009

213183746_5fbbcd16c4so up late after long long long much needed sleep and decided not to go to my buddhist meet this morning. re laxed!

karen arrived for lunch and a spiritilized session as i was finishing chopping and YES still playing finley quaye on a continuos loop!

i have understanding neighbours!!!!

we are now both going to his next gig in september.

so i cooked asparagus and ginger from my skye gyngell book, which barry gave me for my birthday last year, signed by skye. he was always sunday lunching at petersham nurseries and telling me how much i would love it (i know) as the staff wear gumboots! still yet to go and will it’s on my to do list!!!

so healthy and light and served with white rice.

when karen left i bought the sundays and more finley tracks, karen mentioned spirtilized so checked that out and added, love it so thats on continuos loop now!

“gONNA FILL this place with PERSIAN RUGS, stop the DRINKing and stop the dRUGS, loVe”.

sent my photo’s to finleys booking agents as i thought he’d like them.

now time for a long bath.

gonna watch the apprentice final.


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