she had serenity

June 6, 2009

grace_kelly_scarf_1this morning up early and chanted 1 and half hours for everyone in my district before i went to my sat ur day meet. i have written everyones names down finally and will buy a nice card from smythsons on monday. i was meant to do two hours did my extra half an hour when i got home.

i wore my hermes scarf today in my back pocket in honour of finley.

grace kelly used a scarf for her broken arm.

chic sling!!!

i felt tired and in need of chilling so came straight home after the meet and a quick food shop.

i said i have to go home and watch sex and the city.

there like YOU HAVE TO????

yes i have to!!!!

which i have done, series one about four episodes.

with snack breaks.

i bought vanity fair yesterday as johnny depp is on the cover.

devoured the article as soon as i got home and adding one of the images to my billboard.

“no self respecting french women or american celebrity would go without a hermes scarf”!

now back to more episodes!!!


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