i gave up playing snooker as there wasnt enough sunshine

June 5, 2009


finley quaye last night at the tabernacle. went with colleen and manisha.

i was so excited, blasted his old tracks as i got ready.

great vibe at the refurbished tabernacle, our only complaint, NO ROSE!!!!!

i couldn’t stop smiling, we had a great perch by the side of the stage, a bench which was perfect for standing on. colleen joked we should be backing dancers on his next tour.

i screamed, sang along and was just so impressed with him!!!!!

he’s tooo000 cute for words.

sunglasses on the entire time, eyes closed alot when he sang, that scarf in the back pocket which is too sexy!!!!

CIMG1926when he sang he would put his hand on his heart.

i’m still on a high!!!!!!!!

conversation in the gals loo , was what happened to his hair?

is he my height  with my high heels on?

who cares this man is stylish and sexy and WOW, what lyrics.

i left with  alot of a crush.!!!!

loving his new jeans.


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