now lets write a swimming pool

June 4, 2009

slim-aarons2or as the case may be with lilly allen your own beach!

i have begun writing again and adding to my new songs the latest i began on monday and it’s super cute and i love it, my goal is to finish it by the buddhist course in two weeks so i shall.

I’m now watching sex and the city series one the first disc i got was in black and white, which was sort of disturbing, it’s been so long since i watched the first series i wondered if in fact it was in black and white???

when i realized o.k. they may not have had the budget they did later but they still had colour!

so now carrie and company look normal as i no longer have my faulty disc!

i’ve also gone back in time to finley quaye whom i’m seeing tonight at the tabernacle in notting hill.

i’m so excited!

i had a cassette of his first album and long ago gave away so last night bought a few songs and will blast when i get in the shower.

when you like someone you like there voice!

haven’t we all listened to voicemail’s over and over of someone? (girls???)

thats when you like him like him.

unable to delete for days???

it’s the equivalent of how it feels with your feet in the sand.

beach feet


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