it just wouldn’t be a picnic without the ants

June 2, 2009

2671_12next morning i was up and getting dressed and rustling up a huge salad for the women’s picnic.

i threw  it all in a glass bowl and took my tiki salad servers which i love from new zealand. forgot the strawberries~

i had to meet a buddhist leader for guidance as well!

got there late but only five minutes.

so guidance was good!!!!!!! painful!!!!!!!!! and i am following it!

i got what he said completely with my life but maybe he didn’t get my points.

so now i’m having to chant for each INDIVIDUAL member in my district ESPECIALLY the ones i don’T like.

and before you think i haven’t i have started.

i also have to get a card and write there names on which i haven’t yet done.

i will, i will. seeing it in black and white makes it so much harder!!!

so then off to chant and off to holland park for the women’s picnic.

we found a great spot, under trees and in a more private part of the park.

jenni bought some delicious rose so i had a glass and everyone bought yummy dishes!

it was steaming hot!

deborah bought a teapot of tea as she said it wouldn’t be an english picnic without!C27649-bwhen some men arrived we decided to leave in protest.

one a husband and two gay men (they still count!)

deborah and i went to a cafe for more sunshine and then home to chill!

and eat strawberries.


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