birthday boy

June 1, 2009

Break1_cmykafter my meet in the morning, i went for a light lunch with karen and a catch up.

as we sat soaking up the sun on yet ANOTHER glorious day a procession went by with everyone reciting prayers and nuns leading ,they wore robes that looked like tablecoths, large ones, white with blue stripes and i’ve always liked there outfits.

i had to inquire what they were doing and they said praying for everyone.

the nun wasn’t very friendly.

but it’s the thought that counts!

then home to chant and then quickly change, all to the sounds of lilly allen,to attend miltons party.

roisin and i headed off, me with a bunch of  white flowers from portobello.

when we arrived everybody was there.

milton was cooking up a storm in his kitchen so to escape the smoke we went outside.

tabitha is now going to start doing her jewelry line, YIPPEE, as everyone always asks her to make designs they see of hers.

tanya bought milton a great birthday boy badge which he wore on his pink t-shirt.

she also got him a great birthday candle that played happy birthday.

lots of photo’s snapped and pete teased me that i looked soooo bored in one he said my face said  “I would much rather be at the groucho, or shoreditch house”.

it was fun.

milton did not stop smiling he looked so happy!!!

i only had time for one glass of rose (with ice cubes of course)!!!

what can i say i’m a slow drinker!!!!

and when i went to leave milton was dancing in the kitchen.

excuse my incorrect grammer in last post (especially suzanne) as i was naughty and rushing!!!!



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