May 29, 2009

98d/41/huty/12836/jcf0114mso roisin and i decided to go for a glass of wine.

i had this idea of where i wanted to go and we wandered up and down upper street, islington and i could not find it.

we found something with nice vibes and empty.

perfect we thought for a quiet drink.

as we chatted on.

i chose rose and my glass of ice, i always put lot’s of ice in my rose.

roisin said they do that in cannes.

so on we chatted and before long the whole place was packed, we decided to eat.

such nice ambience.

a photographer asked to take our photo for time out  i said no.

till the large party behind us who were getting louder, the more shots they downed,were up on there chairs dancing, accompanied by greek music and clapping waiters. encouraging roisin and i to join in.

no we didn’t.

i missed one gal dancing on the cleared table.

all in celebration of an upcoming wedding.

we left.

when we decided shouting to be heard wasn’t our scene.

with a congradulations to the bride to be. and fun had by all!!!!


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