speak german and french kiss

May 22, 2009


today i went to greenwich for a meet, yes another one!!! and then i went to the marilyn and audrey exhibition at proud galleries. so wanted to own my favorite marilyn image and made a vow one day i would. didn’t like the audrey images at all.

they were playing marilyn music in the gallery and i now want to buy one of her albums.

when i left i was heading towards agnes b, and went past the national portrait gallery and spotted the gerhard richter exhibition which ends on the 31st may.

so i followed my gut feeling and went in.

wow!!!!! WOW. WOW!

these are portraits beginning from 1963, photo pictures, paintings made from photographs.

he projects copies of photos onto canvas, traces them in pencil, then fills them out in paint.

often called the best living painter.

the paintings took my breath away, and i went around the exhibition three times 

G_Richter_Frau_Niepenberg(0)which is alot for me.

the last image  is of a large mirror, i thought shows he has a sense of fun.

“i never worked at painting as if it were a job, it was always out of interest or for fun, a desire to try something”.

i now want to get a book of his titled “the daily practice of painting” after i finish the three next in line.

i leave you with wise words from above mentioned book.

“one has to believe in what one is doing, one has to commit oneself inwardly in order to do painting. once obsessed, one ultimately carries it to the point of believing that one might change human beings through painting. but if one lacks the passionate commitment, there is nothing to do. then it is best to leave it alone”.

I’m off to a buddhist meet when again i’m not loving my district.

it seems to come and go like waves.

i looked at french vogue and didn’t like may issue, will check out june.

also love how the first painting betty is on it’s side, i did that with some pictures and elaine said rotate, which i did, but now may not when the mood strikes.



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