i am very happy in my little paris

May 21, 2009

carine_roitfeld_1143740859_1169155220i watched carine roitfeld revealed on c.n.n. in march.

today there was an article in the guardian which i found as i ate lunch.

now it’s the next day as my computer decided it didn’t want to work last night as i did my post.

i got up at 4a.m.!!!!!! i know early start as i wanted to do this before i went to work.

so back to carine!!

these are quotes by her that i like (including the title).

“i HATE garbage. i try to edit edit EDIT.”

she has a beautiful empty apartment.

“but i am not french but parisian”.

You’d say she had a very french directness.

“jeans are for her assistants”

she only wears on holidays with flats even though they suit her.

“it’s like when you squeeze a lemon too hard you run out of juice.me i have plenty of juice”

the benefits of a rich husband although technically they are not married.

i tried to buy french vogue on the way home yesterday but sold out, will start adding to my uk and and american versions.



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