for petes sake one thing at a time

May 17, 2009

Annex - Hayworth, Rita (Gilda)_NRFPT_09so i chanted for the womens division this morning meant to be from 8a.m. till 10a.m. but didn’t surface till 8.30a.m.

i was having an intense dream which i still havnt worked out.

my intuition told me keeley wouldn’t be here till 9.30 and it was right!

did the two hours and then grappled with my computer which seems not to  want to connect to the internet.

I’m blaming it on the mercury retrograde, word press told me to clean my cookies and i have no idea what that means!! but will find out.

i rang b.t. but then thought i can’t deal with this i WANNA RELAX, sometimes if you just leave things they magically work.

so off i went for the sunday;s and my missing ingredients to go with the asparagus.

tracey emin is having a new exhibition starting this month. YIppee!

then i watched gilda.

loved it!!!!

those two had chemistry plus.

finally downloaded melody gardot am going to blast out whilst i wash the dishes.



One Response to “for petes sake one thing at a time”

  1. kate said

    omg she is gorge! me new fav. face deffs, whats her name?

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