hey superstar

May 16, 2009

CIMG1878went to my sat ur day morning meet as usual and then met kate on portobello rd.

we bought new notebooks for our morning pages, whilst kate was checking out fashion mags at rococo i got asparagus and my treats from the grocer.

whenever we phoned  each other to check location we would be right beside each other and not notice.

kate spotted this chanel jumpsuit and loved it, it’s vintage from 1980 and only a mere 3 and half grand!!

kate was in her customized jumpsuit, after spending the morning customizing a t-shirt.

i took kate to my favorite stall on portobello and tried on a jacket i now cannot stop thinking about!!

after it was toasted sandwiches on goldbourne rd.

then kate was off for her artist date, and me to chant and write my morning pages in the afternoon.

haven’t YET and i say yet mastered the non lazy sat our day morning vibe.

i daydream in bed!

so my pages wait.



One Response to “hey superstar”

  1. kate said

    love this photo babe! usually i have more cheek bones but whatever! don’t care. btw the way loove the photo you sent me of madona a while ago! shes so hot still, i think its becasue she considers herself to good for junk food. i think ive come to the conclusion of lovign my body more to much to ahve junk food. deffintaly. xx! lots of love!

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