pink is the navy blue of india

May 12, 2009


so been musing about the color.

i sent my mother pale pink flowers which she will be receiving about now!

i have been watching an image of a man in a pale pink shirt.

wore my oversized man’s shirt on sunday to get the papers as it is the only pink in my wardrobe.

have nars lipstick  and polish in ‘schapp’.

my mobile phone has a pink stripe, declared by the salesman as a                                                                         kiddy’s phone which made me definitely have   it!!

i’ve been feeling ‘IN the pink’ .

listening to melody gardot’s fool for love, over and over and over, which means i’m absorbing pink vibrations! i’m sure!!

tiffany-s-wallpaper-breakfast-at-tiffanys-2573899-1024-768if i repainted the apartment it would be in pale pink. i may even add a cat!!

ooh and i almost forgot my pink smeg fridge!


One Response to “pink is the navy blue of india”

  1. Tanya said

    You have a pink smeg fridge?! That would have to be one of my favourite must-have desirable objects of all time!!

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