what do i want?

May 10, 2009

2008_0813_MelodyGardoti watched   The women yesterday, and i sort of liked it and didn’t. i’m half watching it a second time now ish and isn’t it funny how sometimes you prefer things the second time round? is it the mood?

or even better music that your not sure about and then grows and grows till you play nothing else for weeks!!!!

i’m into melody gardot, i will be downloading her second album this week and soaking her up!!! love her name too!!!

i had coffee with a friend yesterday and melody came up and performers that are authentic!!!  it’s the most important thing!! she took my c.d. to peruse.

earlier karen and i had a catch up and she said she is o.v.e.r. men, and not in a linsay lohan kind of way.

we were mentioning our ex’s, never to repeat that pattern again!!!

so, more and more i’m realizing what i want!!!

have to ring new zealand and send flowers to my mum for belated mothers day.

i called her today, and thanked her for giving birth to me.

we had a giggle!!

also adore presently bliss vanilla + bergamot body butter yummy!!!!

just received a feedback on my c.d., liking what i do and that i’m talented!!



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