when love goes wrong nothing goes right!!

May 4, 2009

gentlemen-prefer-blondes-a1-marilyn-monroe1bank holiday monday and as i write i’m watching “gentlemen prefer blondes”.

and in my case could be true!!!

cheered me up!!!

i’m now going to read the book by anita loos and check out some more of her writing.

in relation to l.o.v.e.

i have FINALLY, FINALLY, after many would have faced reality faced it!

the person i’m totally smitten on isn’t on me.

he would have done something by now, and asked me out and im totally not of the school of ASKING them!!!

thanku ever sooooo!

i’ve been chanting to know and ellis and my mum have known what i haven’t wanted to admit!

i only feel this way about him because he’s poor! 

who’s ever seen a rich pole vaulter! ( just kidding!)

i’ll still chant for his happiness, and to LET GO!!!!! help is needed with that! and for him to find love, till the end of the month.

one of my favorite scenes in the movie is when the gals go shopping in paris, visiting dior and balenciaga and spend all there money  and arrive at there hotel to be thrown out.

rather than moan they solve there dilemma with no moaning!

that’s the spirit!

and to  end on a more positive note, i got a text from my girlfriend and the man she likes is into her!!

vive l’amour! and brunettes!!!!



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