a women with complete and utter style

May 3, 2009

jackie_kennedy_eyes1i’ve taken to wearing t-shirts the last two  

day’s. Black yesterday, white today after i found these images of jackie kennedy.

I only ever buy black or white t-shirts and always from gap which jackie did too. 

a month ago when barack obama was in town i got really annoyed in the ladies loo at the G20 summit when someone compared michelle obama to jackie.

In my opinion she doesn;t even come close!!!!

Leo sun sign (like me)  and loved clothes (ditto).

Dedicated to the addictive art of designer shopping. Here here!

I sooooo hate primark and everything it stands for, if anyone bought me something from there i would throw it in the bin!

When i go past it on oxford street i cringe.

Less is more!

If she looked like a million dollars it was because she spent that amount on clothes every year and wisely!

Money doesn’t always equate with style!

She would often pair a t-shirt with designer pants.

Or wear bare feet!

title say’s it ALL!!!

P.S. went to my buddhist meet in the morning, got complimented on my blog!

         very inspiring lecture!!!!

         the purpose of our practice is positivity becomes the more dominant life force!

         and to enjoy difficulties, there good for you!




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