Dressing is a way of life

May 2, 2009


bacall-lauren_021Sooooo super sunny day and the first outing of the year for my shorts.

I chose my marni ones and was inspired by the picture opposite.

I’m a huge short fan, and will always be adding to my collection.

There sexy in a classy way which a miniskirt can never be, although i wouldn’t rule those out completely as i love the louis vuitton minis.

Whether they would suit me is another ?

Presently no mini’s in my closet!

Got up super early and did my first chant for the district, 7a.m. until 9a.m. i did it even though it was the LAST thing i wanted to chant for.

It’s part of my not being so selfish campaign!

Then off to portobello for my meet and the shorts got lot’s of compliments.

Came back to meet amy at mine and we went to the park.

Ate ice cream and talked about men.

The park was full of adorable kid’s and i have now found someone to play tennis with.

Yippee, every year since living in london i always say i will play tennis and it never happens took me visiting new zealand to play again.

I have great courts in the park just around the corner from my apartment

So this year DEFINITELY!!!

Decided not to participate in the buddhist meet tomorrow but will go.

I’m too annoyed to help!


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