i’ll take that, and that, and that and that and that and charge it!

May 1, 2009

marilyn_monroe_betty_grable_and_lauren_bacall_in_how_to_marry_a_millionaire_trailer_2How to marry a millionaire was on today, afternoon movie.

I’ve seen it so many times and love it. I didn’t give it my full attention but made sure i watched my favourite scenes.

I love the way lauren bacall’s character is so rude to the real millionaire thinking he’s broke.

Treat im mean keep him keen school of philosophy before ‘he’s just not into you’ appeared on our shelves.

My mother thinks it’s taking way tooooooo long with the man i’m into, she told me to buy above mentioned book, when i said i had it, she’s like READ IT AGAIN!!

He sent me a text last week, not a romantic one and i can’t delete it.

All messages can go except his, and i always kiss it after i read it.

Had an interview this morning that wasn’t worth getting out of bed for, so called and rested.

i needed it this week had taken it out of me by friday.

lay low day avoiding any messages from folks from my buddhist group, i still didn’t like them and it is  beginning to pass only now as i write.

didn’t even feel like chanting and finally at 5p.m. did.

still laying low!

only had the energy for a face mask, lovely bath and bliss body products.

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