Chelsea Morning

April 18, 2009

So it was off  to chelsea on the 328 bus to Worlds End to meet and chat with a friend in cafes. It was cold and rainy and we went to two. She suggested checking out Vivienne westwood (who i was obsessed with when first arriving in london) and luckily the guy working in the shop liked me and gave me discounts. He was gay but still could appreciate!

I said no i like shopping alone or with ellis (one of my gay friends, a fashion designer), who found me a dolce and gabbana dress i been yearning for in century 21 when i had LONG given up the will to live on that shopping expedition.

So cafe’s it was! And i spent one of the most pleasant afternoons.

When it was time to leave i walked down sloane street, one of my favorite streets.

Just around the corner from my very first apartment in london (if you could call it that), i shared with amiee and we called it the gypsy caravan which was more of an apt description!

Prada! sigh!!!

My version of  holly golightly’s tiffany’s!




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