I couldn’t help but wonder?

April 17, 2009


i have been going back in time to Sex and the city series two. In this world carrie smokes alot and drinks alot, and it was before her wardrobe was spot the designer and she had a personal assistant. She ran around in a poncho, two in one episode which reminded me of one i let go, and immediately missed when i saw hers and one i still have which may get an outing this weekend.

It also reminded me of visiting ellis and alex in new york, when sex and the city was still running and being the lovely friends that they are would watch episodes with me, in clouds of smoke, they smoked i didn’t and were having rebelling urges to the recent ban in new york, and also indulged me in my wish to visit locations featured.

Yesterday tabitha visited, we caught up, chanted, s l o w l e y, and decided we are like out of work actors without the acting and dread that ? have you found one yet!

I played tabitha my old songs, and let her hear a couple of new ones, naked as they have no music.

Cute! Was her  verdict.


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