Go You!

April 15, 2009

cimg17643Chanting day!

In the morning chanted with helen as part of my latest regime to chant for my district.

For it to be the hottest, and the one everybody wants to join.

Then met up with the fab u lous kate to chant together for the first time.

Well her second if you want to get really technical about it and i’m only including this lifetime.

Kate brought tofu and vegetable, no we are not hippies just eating healthy and i rustled up lunch in a lazy way.

We had herbal tea so does that mean we are?! NO!!!!

Kate is wise beyond her years, super special and already giving me advice!

Go her!

Her advise to chant for the guy i’m obsessed with (deleted that word twice) too close to the bone. To find love.

My heart stopped, but i’m gonna do it.

May not be moi!


2 Responses to “Go You!”

  1. Helen Belen said

    Dear Alex, I’ve checked your blog and its lovely….
    Hottest district? Yeah why not! Speaking of hot, today I had an assessor that looked like a model…I’m not joking, my colleagues were jealous…shame it was only work! Beautiful green/blue eyes with long lash which I wish I had and black hair…u remember my prayer when I started chanting? Ah ah ah!
    I’ll chant for that again
    Have a great day…lots of love
    Helen xxx

  2. kate said

    love that photo, nice one! your blog is looking super fab. loving the touch of prada glamour. xx

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